Finally open, YAY!

Oh my. What. an. adventure. AGAIN.

Yann Haute Patisserie took three years to set up between loans, construction (a lot) and permits (oh, the permits...).

When Yann had the idea of "completing" Yann Haute Patisserie with what was missing: "ice cream", it was many years ago. About two years back, he started getting the house just next to the yellow one ready to accommodate such a venture. Yes, it took TWO years to get another house built in Mission around 1913 ready for the new millennium and the new shop!

Well, it is ready, open and so ready to get Calgary even that much more sweeter!

Berlingo is open until midnight so you can come after a movie, a dinner or a late night craving, or just because.

Have you seen all the flavours you can get? That does not even describe all the in-house made toppings you can add to create your perfect dessert.

  • Pineapple/lime [ Sorbet ]
  • Mango/passion [ Sorbet ]
  • Chocolate [ Gelato ]
  • Hazelnut [ Gelato ]
  • Madagascar vanilla bean [ Gelato ]
  • Raspberry cherry [ Sorbet ]

Sorbets are vegan and nut-free, that means all of you can have a treat!

All mixes are made in our kitchen with real ingredients. Seams like it should always be that way but it is not at all. In Canada, maybe about 10 shops create their own mixes. That is not a lot, but lucky you, we do! Right in Calgary!

Thank you for your support of us, your community & local producers. We can all be just a little happier, one ice cream at a time ;)

Cheerio from Berlingo!

 Open late for night time cravings and after dinner dessert in Calgary

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